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  • Event Start Date : 07-Nov-2017 10:00:00 PM
  • Event End Date : 08-Nov-2017 12:01:00 AM
  • Application Last Date   : 06-Nov-2017 03:43:00 PM
  •   Fees : Free
  • Location : Online - First Round
  • Organizer : IIM CALCUTTA

Event Description

“The best of the group comes when everyone in the group does what’s best for himself and the group.” – John Nash

What’s the difference between a puzzle and real life? In real life, the interplay between multiple players influences the final outcome, thus making it dynamic, unlike a puzzle. Come unleash the power of your mind and experience the effect of strategic decision making on real-life events. Empires of the Mind is a multi-phase simulation event involving concepts of logical puzzle solving and game theory. Teams will be required to make strategic decisions in order to maximize gains for themselves as well as their teams while cooperating and conflicting with other teams. It is said that your life is the sum of the choices that you make, and here we test you on a few of them.

Event Details

Round 1 – An interactive online event based on Game theory concepts. Contestants will be provided with different payoff matrices and will have to maximise their payoffs against each other.

Round 2 - A simulation-based online event wherein the contestants have to work within a set of resource constraints, outthink their opponents and maximise their performance.

Round 3 - An on-campus interactive simulation event, based on a spreadsheet model. Teams will be put against each other, will be allowed to trade, bargain, collude, influence and threaten. 

Prize Worth Rs. 50,000/-

Event Rules

  • Registration is allowed in team of size 3
  • Team members have to be from the same college
  • There is no limit to the number of entries from a college
  • Individuals cannot be a part of more than one team
  • The decisions taken by the organizers are final

Event Type :
IIM Calcutta's Intaglio

Eligibility :
Open to all college students

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