Hire To Conquer

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  • Event Start Date : 18-Sep-2016 10:00:00 PM
  • Event End Date : 18-Sep-2016 11:00:00 PM
  • Application Last Date   : 15-Sep-2016 11:59:00 PM
  •   Fees : Free
  • Location : First Round Online
  • Organizer : IIM Bangalore
 Hire To Conquer

Event Description

The success of any internal control system in an organization, be it related to finance or operations, depends on the ability of employees to adopt it. Doesn’t it? Hence, time is ripe that the world realizes the importance of HR. Hire to Conquer provides you an opportunity to manage people in an organization and form a winner team. Don the hat of an HR consultant and help the organization pick a competent team for a certain project.

Event Details:

Round 1 (Pre-Vista Prelims):

  • Round 1 will be an online quizzing round and will happen on 18th Sept.
  • The quiz will contain 15 connect the clues or objective type questions and its duration will be 25 minutes. Clues may be images or text information.
  • The quiz will happen on an online platform link of which will become active at a stipulated time for all registered teams.
  • Teams will not be penalized for wrong answers.
  • Based on quiz scores, top 10 teams will be shortlisted for the finals.
  • The results of this round will be announced on 20th Sept.

Round 2 (Online simulation):

The shortlisted teams will play a 40-45 minutes simulation round on 22nd Sept. which will start at a stipulated time. The round will begin with the description of a company (client henceforth) and a project it would like to execute. The client wants to create a competent project team that could assess the available project options. The participant teams will act as consultants and help the client in building that team. A pool of prospective candidates and their profiles will be shared with the teams. There will be an internal score assigned to each of these candidates. Teams can seek clues for simpler decision making at a price which will lessen the maximum number of points they can score. Clues would basically be information on requisites of the project and parameters of candidate fit. Final score will be decided based on the quality of the team created, time taken in overall decision making, and the number of clues unlocked. Unless submitted before, decisions at the end of round completion will get auto-submitted in the system.

Event Type :
Vista Quiz - National Level

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