For the Greater Greed : 2018

 For the Greater Greed : 2018

Event Description

For the Greater Greed 2018

Event description 

TRANSCEND in association with Caf-Fin, The Finance club of SIBM Pune brings to you “For The Greater Greed”, a Pan-India competition where the participants get a chance to pick stocks and build their reputation as King of Wall Street. This will be followed by Equity Research where they get a chance to present the rationale behind their top picks.


Event Format

Round 1: Know it All- Quiz 21st December, 22:00 Hrs 

  • A short online Quiz on Stock Markets. 
  • This will be an elimination round. 
  • The shortlisted teams will move to the next round.

Round 2: Virtual Stock Trading

Shortlisted teams will be provided a trading account on a customized virtual stock trading platform. Each team will be allocated a fixed amount as the corpus. The objective is to maximize this amount by intelligently and smartly investing/trading in this Virtual Stock Market. All the trades will be settled on the next day and a detailed summary of Gains and losses would be updated daily. The total number of days for which the trading will continue will be updated as soon as the results of the first round are declared. 

Round 3: Equity Research 18th- 20th Jan 2019

The top 5 teams from the previous round will be called on Campus at SIBM Pune to present their Equity Research of their top stock picks. Further details about the judging criteria and method of presentation will be provided after the second round.


 The details of the event For Greater Greed are as follows: 

2. Prize money of ₹30,000 will be divided as:

1st prize: ₹20,000 
2nd prize: ₹10,000
3. Contact person: 
Sumit Pandey (+91 9882516494)
Punyachi Jain (+91 9960104448)



1. The event is open to Business-school and Undergraduate students only.
2. Participants in a team should be from the same institute and no participant can be a part of more than one team.
3. Teams should consist of 2 members.
4. Teams should not submit more than one entry in any of the rounds.
5. No changes in team composition will be allowed after registration.
6. Multiple teams from the same college are allowed.
7. Teams have to adhere to deadlines for the various rounds failing to which teams may be disqualified.
8. All decisions in matters of eligibility, authenticity and final judgments will be with Caf-Fin, SIBM Pune.


● No negative marking is applicable
The quiz will have 20 questions and the duration will be 15 minutes.


Event Type :
National Online Quiz

Eligibility :
All B-schools

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