About Us

Quizzing Inc: A subsidiary of Arcade Infotech Pvt Ltd OPC. Welcome to the world of unadulterated knowledge, a testing ground for pure reasoning, a happy hunting place for sharp wit and piles of food stock for inquisitive & hungry minds.

"General Knowledge" is not a collection of facts and figures. No, that’s' a very misleading definition if it’s a definition at all! Quizzing is a way of expanding our horizon of knowledge, making us aware of developments around us. And trust us, only an aware intellectual mind can pave the path of(for) development in any society.

Quizzing Inc. is a New-Delhi based startup under Arcade Infotech umbrella, co-founded by the students of Delhi Technological University (formerly DCE) with a presence in cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Dehradun, Jaipur and Bangalore among many others.

We have been engaged actively in online and offline quizzing ever since our inception.

Now you may argue that there are scores of pages on Facebook and dozens of quizzing blogs and websites itself that deal with quizzing and its aspects. Then how is our endeavour any different from theirs? Well, it is different, a great deal at that too. Firstly, though we started as a Q/A page, it’s just an aspect of ours and not the motive of the entire setup. The plans are huge and our motives are simple and honest. A pinch of support from you will help us go a long way on this road we've chosen. Now, what exactly are we going to do at QInc? Well, we will have competitors around the clock that will test your grey cells in every way possible, rewarding you for your wit-job too! If you think you are good at what we do, you may even get a chance to host your own thing right here at QInc, so there's a lot to bid for here. We are just starting and are working really hard to give you some real quality in the works to follow.

Our USPs include a large network of campus ambassadors across India, a dedicated team consisting of proven Quizzers and revolutionary innovations in the realm of quizzing.

As you would have got an impression by now, we are far from a Q-A platform. We develop unique products which are laced with new innovations that enable the users to develop their overall intellect. Our motives, ideas and objectives can all be summarized into our tag line which goes –

“We Innovate, You Know”