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Name: Transcend, SIBM Pune
Contact Number: 8527306561
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  • Last Man Standing Last Man Standing       Start Date:  22-12-2018 23:00:00
    End Date:   22-12-2018 23:45:00
    cHRysalis cHRysalis       Start Date:  22-12-2018 22:00:00
    End Date:   22-12-2018 23:00:00
    Strategia Strategia       Start Date:  21-12-2018 23:00:00
    End Date:   21-12-2018 23:55:00
    For the Greater Greed For the Greater Greed       Start Date:  21-12-2018 22:00:00
    End Date:   21-12-2018 22:25:00
    The Ultimate CEO The Ultimate CEO       Start Date:  20-12-2018 23:00:00
    End Date:   20-12-2018 23:25:00
    Let's Talk Business Let's Talk Business       Start Date:  20-12-2018 22:00:00
    End Date:   20-12-2018 22:30:00
    Opstrat Opstrat       Start Date:  19-12-2018 23:00:00
    End Date:   19-12-2018 23:25:00
    Marketshastra Marketshastra       Start Date:  19-12-2018 22:00:00
    End Date:   19-12-2018 22:35:00
    Barter Master Barter Master       Start Date:  17-12-2018 22:00:00
    End Date:   17-12-2018 22:25:00

    Transcend, one of India’s largest B-school event, has evolved over the years into so much more: a platform where management and culture amalgamates, an opportunity to bring out the best when the worst is thrown, a dais for budding managers, a showcase of spectacle- where the boulevards wake up and every footstep leads to a new experience, where you discover something new and make memories that lasts a lifetime. The event, spread over three days, provides scope for bringing forth the best of talent and creativity from across the nation, over a range of exciting events. We also ensure that the entertainment quotient is top notch with mammoth names from the entertainment industry adding shine to the mega-event. It’s a fiery meteor, and a blazing one too, that is about to hit us in the month of January and will surely blow everything away.


    Fire is the most beautiful weapon of them all. It shines with all its glory. Burning flames colored red, orange and yellow are excruciatingly hot that its warmth can be felt even from miles away. It can grow into various forms like a shapeshifter and spread across a room in the blink of an eye.

    And to explore infinite possibilities and to achieve your dreams, one needs a burning inferno. The blazing hot golden flames of passion within themselves that will engulf every obstacle and hurdle in their path.



    Do not let your fire go out? Do not let the hero in your soul perish?

    Check your road and the nature of your battle?

    The world you desired can be won.