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Email: ojas@spjimr.org
Website Url: www.spjimr-ojas.in
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  • Inquizzitive Inquizzitive       Start Date:  11-01-2019 23:00:00
    End Date:   11-01-2019 23:59:00
    Finding Neo Finding Neo       Start Date:  10-01-2019 01:00:00
    End Date:   11-01-2019 23:59:00
    Clash of bands Clash of bands       Start Date:  15-12-2018 23:58:00
    End Date:   15-12-2018 23:59:00
    OpSpardha OpSpardha       Start Date:  30-11-2018 22:30:00
    End Date:   30-11-2018 22:55:00
    Stock N Roll Stock N Roll       Start Date:  30-11-2018 21:30:00
    End Date:   30-11-2018 21:55:00
    Consultomania Consultomania       Start Date:  29-11-2018 22:30:00
    End Date:   30-11-2018 00:00:00
    Sahyog Sahyog       Start Date:  29-11-2018 21:30:00
    End Date:   29-11-2018 21:55:00
    Finvisor Finvisor       Start Date:  28-11-2018 22:30:00
    End Date:   28-11-2018 23:15:00
    Hall of Fame Hall of Fame       Start Date:  28-11-2018 21:30:00
    End Date:   28-11-2018 22:00:00
    Ultimate Sale Ultimate Sale       Start Date:  27-11-2018 22:30:00
    End Date:   27-11-2018 23:00:00
    Conquestum Conquestum       Start Date:  27-11-2018 21:30:00
    End Date:   27-11-2018 22:00:00
    Techtonic Shift Techtonic Shift       Start Date:  26-11-2018 22:30:00
    End Date:   26-11-2018 22:55:00
    Brand-O Brand-O       Start Date:  26-11-2018 21:30:00
    End Date:   26-11-2018 22:05:00
  • OJAS is the annual management symposium of S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR). The colloquium occupies a sought-after position in the calendars of the managerial literati and attracts participants from all parts of the country to come and test their mettle against each other. OJAS is structured to comprise a plethora of events in the domains of Finance, Marketing, Strategy, Information Management, and Operations. The business colloquium is built around an over-arching theme each year. The theme for this year is “Manage the Mayhem.” With OJAS XI, we bring you the biggest platform yet, to showcase your skills and to shine amongst the stars. Come and be a part of the 3 most exciting days in the city of dreams, Mumbai.